• From OY on Day 19 of 33 – Nov 23, 2018

    Thank You God that I had a nice night sleep last night!
    Thank You God that I have a job to go to today!
    Thank You God that my car is still running!
    Thank You God for the gorgeous sky of this morning – the golden rising sun amidst the reddish cloud!
    Thank You God for having a nice chat with a friend this morning both of us were amazed of sky that YOU created!!
    There are much more than 2 Blessings than I can count. Praise to the Lord 🙂
    If I have to find a Cross today, it would be my avoidance to my annoying co-worker 😐
    Maybe this is also a blessing – having me to pray more and rely on Jesus’ to accept other people!

  • From OY on Day 8 of 33 – Nov 12, 2018

    For many years of Catholic life, m y intention had only been to be a better person. Not until lately I realize that that isn’t enough for HE wants me to aim high, to be Holy.
    For Purity of Intention, I once interpreted it as intentions that are Kind and Just. Lately I think the only Intention has to be HIM our Lord being the centre, the Intentions that HE want me to have.
    While meditating on the Joyful Mysteries today this came to my mind – Isn’t all that the Purity of Intentions – GOD’s INTENTIONS are Mother Mary’s Intentions – no questions ask obedience, caring for other while not thinking of her own self, poverty while she is precious (God’s mother), humble while she is different from others (God’s mother), yet contain human mother’s worrying mind!
    What is one of my intentions in life – Today I Pray that I can Listen to what HE ask me to do and Answer Yes with No Question Ask.
    How am I plan to accomplish it – Pray more, Visit Jesus more.

  • From OY on Day 5 of 33 - Nov 9, 2018

    How am I able to let go of my worries concerning my loved ones. Yes it is very difficult. Even with numerous and frequent praying it is still not easy to totally let go that worries.
    I can soundly encourage them not to worry and place our trust in Jesus. Turn around I can feel my worries just right there.
    Guess this is my biggest reason to begin this 33-Days Prayer of Consecration again!
    Trust that I am the most Precious daughter of our Father in Heaven, HE has the best, planned for me, including for my love ones.
    Trust that I am also the most Precious daughter of our Mother Mary. She gathers all the graces from her sons and daughters and give them to whom needed the most.
    Jesus I TRUST IN YOU. Mother Mary I give all to you, including my worries.

  • From Mon on Day 1 of 33 - Nov 5, 2018

    在聖週開始33天的祈禱敬禮真是一個完美的開始。每次拜苦路也提醒我 主耶穌在十字架上將聖母交給了我們,同時也將我們交給了她。在這33天裏,我很希望每天的祈禱把我和聖母和主耶穌的關係更加拉近,教我學習去將自己完全交托給天主。我願意努力去學習放棄自己的意願和期盼,用心去聆聽和服從天主的旨意。Jesus, I trust in You; Mother Mary, I trust in you!

  • From 冬菇 on Day 1 of 33 - Nov 5, 2018


  • From VY on Day 1 of 33 - Nov 5, 2018

    2013年,我對於33日敬禮一竅不通。一年後,我讀著Father Michael Gaitley寫的33 Days to Morning Glory,對33日敬禮開始有些認識。今天,有朋友再次邀請我奉獻33日予聖母,老實說,我對於33日敬禮還是一臉茫然。工作忙碌確實令我沒有心思和精神好好地默想和祈禱。當翻看三年前寫的默禱感受,我才感覺到,也許,我真的需要再用力祈禱多一點。我給耶穌和聖母媽媽的時間確實不夠。當年,我寫道:在第一天敬禮的靈修中,正正就說到聖人聖蒙福(Saint Louis Marie de Montfort),憑著凱爾特人的鬥士精神,藉著聖母瑪利亞之手全然奉獻於耶穌基督。聖蒙福因為完全交托給聖母瑪利亞,從而更容易、簡捷、完善和安穩地與耶穌基督結合。今天,瑪利亞(瑪達肋納)用最珍貴的香液敷抹耶穌的腳,依斯加略猶達斯卻認為賣了得到三百塊錢來得重要。而我,是該學習瑪利亞還是猶達斯呢?主耶穌,求你派遣聖神來到我的心裡,帶領我,洗滌我,就讓我這33日再次全然奉獻給你。

  • From BC on Day 1 of 33 - Nov 5, 2018

    The 33 days consecretion coincidently begins in the first day of Holy Week. How blest are we to join Mary together into the Passion through the start of the consecration! How wonderful is this to begin our new journey, our new retreat, to step with the great Marian saints towards this big celebration of Fatima!

    It is my strong desire to start my Day 1 consecration enter into the Passion. It is my new Start, my new Day, my new Joy. Praise the Lord!

  • From Lau on Day 1 of 33 - Nov 5, 2018